Clear Tube Condensate Neutralizers

Neutra-Safe tube-style condensate neutralizers come in a range of six sizes from 220,000 to 2 million British Thermal Units per Hour (BTUHs). The patented tube-style neutralizers feature integral unions with O-ring seals, and a media filled sack that greatly simplify removal for service and recharging. All tube models come with media filled sacks. Unthreading a lock ring on either end of the unit allows the main body to be removed without disturbing the drain line. A spare O-ring is included with all 2” tube style recharge kits and a spare 2” and 4” O-ring is included with all 4” tube style recharge kits to accommodate both older and newer model tube neutralizers, if needed. All tube-style neutralizers include snap-in mounting brackets.

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For Models CN2-220C, CN2-300C, CN4B-600C, CN4B-850C, CN4B-1200C and CN4B-2000C: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual

Submittal Sheets: CN2-220 (All), | CN2-300C, | CN4B-600C, | CN4B-850C, | CN4B-1200C | and CN4B-2000C

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For Model CN2-220V: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual