Mission Statement

To lead and innovate in the design and manufacture of condensate neutralization systems and components across the plumbing and heating industries in the U.S. and abroad. We offer only the highest quality products, designed with the service professional in mind. Continual research and testing of all our products ensures superior performance and durability.

We work hard to separate ourselves from the competition, and are proud of how we began, where we are today, and what the future holds.

Rest assured that the Neutrasafe line of condensate neutralizers and system feeders sold through manufacturing representatives across the globe embody our commitment to quality, value, and customer service.

—Mike and Dottie Bernasconi

What we do

  • Focused entirely on condensate neutralization and disposal, Neutrasafe offers innovative designs and components of exceptional quality at a fair price. All our products are specifically tailored for plumbing and heating industry professionals.
  • We provide quickly and easily rechargeable condensate neutralizers containing a specialized, proprietary blend of media, made of the purest calcite and magnesium oxide for the best neutralizing effect without clumping or clogging.
  • We promote the Plumbing Codes and educate industry professionals on the importance of using condensate neutralizers to prohibit corrosion and acidic damage from condensing, gas-fired appliance condensate.
  • We believe that reducing the amount of acidic condensate that is permitted to enter black and greywater systems helps protect the environment in addition to all plumbing and municipal components downstream of the gas appliance.

What we do for our customers

  • We partner with experienced, well-established manufacturer representative agencies to promote our products throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on customer service, with prompt fulfillment of purchase orders, FFA on minimum quantities, early pay discount, and training and education. We also provide sample products. Neutrasafe staff members are always available to answer questions or solve technical problems with minimal delay.
  • We partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers by offering a superb quality accessory to enhance their product lines.

What we do for our employees

  • Our employees are valued for their skillset, dependability, and attention to detail. We offer a culture of fairness and diversity with respect for ideas and creativity. We value a healthy work environment, along with fair compensation and room for growth. Everyone associated with Neutrasafe is treated in the manner which we want to be treated.
  • We offer medical and dental insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation, 401k Retirement and Profit Sharing Plan and Neutrasafe apparel. We continually find ways to show our appreciation for our employees, including monthly company lunches, an annual holiday dinner event and an annual company BBQ which includes significant others.