Neutra-Safe Products

Neutra-Safe is the manufacturer of ‘Clearly Superior’ condensate neutralizers, neutralizing condensate pumps, and system feeders for the HVAC industry. Our products safeguard residential drains, sewers, and septic systems as well as municipal treatment facilities from the acidic condensate produced by condensing boilers, water heaters, and furnaces.

Our products are designed, developed, and manufactured ‘with the contractor in mind,’ meaning that they’re easy to install, service, and visually inspect. They’re also environmentally friendly because they’re easy to refill rather than replacing the whole unit and adding the old one to the landfill.

Neutrasafe is owned by Dottie and Mike Bernasconi and based out of Stoughton, Massachusetts. Our products are available nationwide through our network of distributors. You can reach our office at 781-616-3951.

Mike Bernasconi

I’m a master plumber and inventor specializing in hydronic and geothermal system design and execution. I develop smart, practical and environmentally friendly solutions to HVAC and plumbing problems. One of them, our tube-style condensate neutralizer available in multiple models, is patented.

Dottie Bernasconi

My husband Mike and I started Neutrasafe to bring the next generation of condensate neutralizers to market. We’ve grown the business from a concept in our garage to a leading manufacturer in the HVAC industry. I lead business strategy, business plan development, marketing, sales, and administration.

Dottie Bernasconi

Official Greeter

Chance is Dottie and Mike’s Labradoodle. He loves to monitor the office comings and goings, greet delivery drivers, and bum snacks off his office mates.