About Condensate Neutralizers and System Feeders

The majority of new residential and commercial gas fired heating and hot water systems include high efficiency condensing boilers, hot water heaters or furnaces. These condensing appliances extract additional heat (BTUs) from the flue gas. When the flue gas drops below its dew point of approximately 135 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to condense and the resulting liquid is acidic. This condensate will generally have a pH of between 2 and 4.2 (7 on the pH scale represents neutral). A pH of 4 can cause damage to piping, septic, and sewerage systems; treatment facilities; and other materials handling wastewater.

Condensate contains different types of acids that are corrosive to many materials. Imagine digging up your basement floor to replace a metallic drain line that has rotted out from the acidity of the condensate!

Treated condensate should be a minimum of 5 on the pH scale and as close to neutral as possible. The acid neutralization occurs when the acidic solution comes in contact with the media that is encased in the Neutra-Safe tank or tube. The calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide in the media change the solution into water, carbon dioxide, and various salts that tend to collect in the bottom of the unit. More information is available in our white papers on our resources page.

Most, if not all, plumbing codes prohibit the disposal of acidic and hazardous waste. It must be neutralized before disposal into a drain system. It is the responsibility of your plumbing professional to follow state and local plumbing codes including the proper disposal of condensate. Adding a condensate neutralizer is the most efficient way to adhere to local guidelines. It is equally important that the end user provides ongoing maintenance to assure that the unit functions properly.

We also offer, the Neutra-Safe System Feeder, another product that can protect your home and your boiler. When you use the Neutra-Safe System Feeder, your boiler does not have to be connected to your potable water system. It detects and notifies you of leaks in your system. See more information on our products page.

Why choose Neutra-Safe Condensate Neutralizers?

  • Unique – patented integral unions – easy to service
  • Clear Tube – Allows visual inspection
  • Best Value – 11 models including horizontal, vertical, pump combo, tray and tank style – sized to do it all

  • Neutra-pH – media sacks make recharging and installation quick and easy
  • Superior Media – Proprietary blend of materials for peak performance

Our Product Line


Clearly .... a superior condensate neutralizer.

Our patented tube style neutralizers feature patented integral unions with o-ring seals that greatly simplify removal for service and our Recharge Kits make it a snap to refill!