MAPHCC Trade Show

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Despite the heavy snow, there was a huge turnout at this year’s Massachussetts PHCC trade show this weekend! It’s always great getting to meet some of the local contractors and show them what Neutra-Safe has to offer. Big thanks to Emerson Swan for inviting us along!

American Society of Home Inspectors Article

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Would you believe not everyone is aware of how corrosive condensate is?! Here at Neutrasafe we’ve seen the kind of damage a condensing appliance not equipped with an effective condensate neutralizer can cause. That’s why we not only produce the highest quality condensate neutralizers but we’re committed to spreading awareness of how caustic condensate really is, [...]

NSP-50 Condensate Neutralizing pump now available!

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The wait is over! Our highly anticipated condensate neutralizing pump NSP-50 is here! This neutralizing pump combo is equipped with Little Giant Pump VCMA20S and packed with innovative features. Up to 500,000 BTU’s of input Patent pending serpentine design of neutralization chamber allows for longer exposure of acidic condensate with Neutra-pH media for enhanced [...]