Mike Bernasconi

Mike Bernasconi
VP Operations

As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated with how things work. I wanted to take everything apart and see how it was made. Born and raised in New Hampshire, I attended New Hampshire Technical College after graduating from high school.

My grandfather had an appliance repair business and was an authorized Westinghouse dealer. Westinghouse had a training center in Ohio offering appliance repair. I enrolled and it was the best education I ever got. The instructor was incredible and made everything click for me. I worked for my grandfather for a while, but there was not enough work to keep me busy full time. Eventually, I accepted a job as a technician for Montgomery Ward. After two years, I was chosen to enter into a management training program and after completion, I was transferred to New York to run a small service department. Before long, I became the Operations Manager for one of their central service centers. But, since I had settled in upstate NY, I was not interested in transferring again and decided to accept a position as a service manager with a large plumbing and heating company in upstate NY and eventually obtained my plumbing license.

When I built my first new home, I discovered that I liked the contracting business. I started a construction company with a friend and, after several years, we went our separate ways. I then launched a sheet metal fabrication company that operated in upstate NY for several years. Eventually, my largest customer came to me and said that it was time for him to start his own fabrication shop. I told him that I planned to leave the area within the year. We were able to work out a deal that kept all of my employees working, got him the shop he wanted, and got me back to the Boston area where I wanted to settle.

Since I was not sure of the direction I wanted to take after we moved back to Boston, I accepted a job at a fabrication shop and at the same time pursued getting a Massachusetts plumbing license as my New York license was not valid in MA. Eventually I received Massachusetts journeyman and master plumbing licenses and accepted a position with a local plumbing company. I was soon recruited by one of the area wholesalers and was later promoted to vice president of customer service.

I missed the contracting part of the business and decided to work for a large heating and cooling company as VP of Piping Operations. It was a small piping division then, but over the years, we grew it into one of the finest hydronics companies in the area.

Throughout this time, I began creating several copper sculptures in my spare time. I enjoyed this hobby but dreamed of producing something that would appeal to a larger audience.  Since the condensate neutralizers on the market were not what they could be, I decided that I could develop a better product. With $2,500 and a desire, I began making condensate neutralizers for the company for which I had been working.

Soon after I developed the new condensate neutralizer, a manufacturer’s representative in the area became interested and decided to add the line to their portfolio. With the support of my wife Dottie and a strong desire to succeed, we started MB Designs in 2011. Our sales throughout North America grew each year, and we gained recognition and new customers along the way. We decided to create a logo and a brand for our line of condensate neutralizers and that is how Neutrasafe got its name. We trademarked the name Neutra-Safe® and in 2012, changed our company name and incorporated the Neutrasafe Corporation.

Our sales and our need for space continued to grow each year. In 2014, we leased a 1,500 square foot warehouse/office space and in 2016 acquired an additional 1,500 square foot space in order to keep up with demand. We continue to research and test our products to ensure superior performance and quality, making improvements and upgrades along the way.

In 2016, after three years of research and development, we added a new market offering, the Neutrasafe System Feeder, in order to improve on the glycol feeders on the market today.

We work hard to separate ourselves from the competition. We are proud of how we began, where we are today, and what the future holds. Our commitment to quality, value, and customer service continues to manifest itself in all we do. Our line of condensate neutralizers and system feeder are sold through manufacturing reps throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad.