Dottie Bernasconi

Dottie Bernasconi

In 2011, my husband Mike wanted to manufacture a new condensate neutralizer for the HVAC industry, a condensate neutralizer that was unlike any on the market at the time. He envisioned a clear tube to actually see the contents. He began small, continuing to keep his full time job as VP of Piping Operations for a large heating and cooling company in the Boston area. He transformed our two-car garage into an unofficial warehouse space. He bought off-the-shelf parts and manufactured this new product from scratch. Designing, gluing, filling, and boxing these units, he introduced them to the company for which he was working and the plumbers loved them. Soon, a local rep got wind of what Mike was doing and asked how they could get them.

During this time, I supported Mike in his efforts while continuing to work full time in the health insurance industry. Originally, we started our company as MB Designs, a sole proprietorship. I took on the role as president as Mike had been selling his metal sculpting under another company name. It was not long before the demand for his product grew. Mike eventually left his job to pursue running our new company full time. Within a short time, our home turned into a mini manufacturing plant; the entire basement and two-car garage was bursting at the seams.

In 2012, we changed from a sole proprietorship to an S-Corp, changed our company name to Neutrasafe Corporation, and we were off and running. In early 2014, we leased a commercial warehouse space, added a small office, I worked two days per week in the office, ordering supplies, paying vendors, creating invoices among other things, and continued working part-time for the health insurance company. Mike was busy networking with his contacts in the industry to bring on new business. He also formed partnerships with some of the finest manufacturing reps in the industry. During this time, he continued to research and test the media used in the neutralization process. He worked to perfect the right blend of media to provide the most efficient neutralization possible — one that does not clump or clog as it runs. We are proud to offer a proprietary blend of calcite and magnesium oxide.

We made the decision to have our parts custom made and now offer a patented clear tube model. His newer model was offered in 2015 and well received in the industry. The newer model offers the advantage of built in unions making installation and recharging fast and easy. A contractor’s dream!

Before long, my two days a week at Neutrasafe became 10-hour days. Juggling two jobs became more and more difficult. In late 2016, I left my profession in the health insurance industry and joined Mike full time at Neutrasafe. During my many years working for the healthcare insurance company I acquired the business skills to help run our business successfully. Together, we are committed to growing and expanding our company by continuing to offer innovative, high quality products at a fair and reasonable cost while providing you, our customer, with on time delivery and excellent customer service.