Neutra-Safe Products

Neutrasafe Corporation manufactures condensate neutralizers and a system feeder for the HVAC industry. With more than 30 years of industry experience as a Master Plumber, Mike Bernasconi recognized an opportunity to design a condensate neutralizer superior to any other product available in the marketplace. In 2011, Mike and Dottie Bernasconi established Neutrasafe Corporation, which is currently located in Stoughton, MA. Mike and Dottie say that all of Neutrasafe’s products are designed with the contractor in mind.

Mike Bernasconi

I knew that I could design a condensate neutralizer that performed better than any other on the market. That is why I launched Neutrasafe. The innovative features of our Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizers set them apart from our competition. And we recently introduced a Neutra-Safe system feeder that will surpass other glycol feeders in the industry.

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Dottie Bernasconi

In 2016, I joined Mike full time to help run NeutraSafe. The business skills that I acquired during many years in the healthcare insurance industry compliment Mike’s engineering and design expertise and allow us to build the business together.

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