Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3.53.24 PMThe Neutra-Safe NSP-50 is one of our most popular products. It’s a VCMA series neutralizing condensate pump with a guideline capacity of 500,000 BTU/h of appliance input and has a neutralization chamber with a clear, removable cover allowing for easy monitoring and media replacement.

These features help the product stand out from the competition, but what’s really impressive is the patent-pending base design. Each NSP-50 is manufactured to hold the Little Giant VCMA-20ULS condensate pump that has become an industry standard.

Every once in a while, clients reach out and ask if we just sell the base. Up until recently, we didn’t… but that’s all changing now. Introducing the Neutra-Safe NSP-50 with (or without) the pump. That’s right — we’ve added the NSP-50 base to our official product lineup. If you already have a Little Giant pump in the VMCA series, and you don’t want to purchase an entire condensate pump unit, order the base by itself.

Each base can neutralize up to 500,000 BTUs of input from a gas-fired condensing boiler or furnace. The units come pre-filled with our proprietary and eco-friendly Neutra-pH media. Neutra-pH media come in a fabric sack, making refills easy and hassle-free. When it’s time to change the media simply remove the clear cover and replace the media sack with a new one, and snap the cover back on. No tools required. It’s that easy!

Other notable features include:

  • Separate inlets for A/C or dehumidification condensate
  • Patent-pending serpentine design for superior performance
  • Each base supports our 50RCK-S Recharge Kit

Are you still wondering if the NSP-50 base is right for your operation? This brief FAQ should help:

I already have a Little Giant pump. Does that mean I don’t have to buy the entire unit?

Yes. That’s correct! Purchasing the base alone is much cheaper than buying an entire unit. The NSP-50 base supports any Little Giant VCMA series pump.

Is it okay if I install the NSP-50 neutralizing condensate pump on my own?

All Neutra-Safe products are designed for easy removal and installation. However, to achieve the best possible results, we recommend you partner with a qualified service professional. An experienced heating technician can easily install the NSP-50 neutralizing pump base during their annual inspection or at your next scheduled preventive maintenance check-up.

Are you interested in learning more about the NSP-50 neutralizing pump base? Visit our website or contact your local Neutra-Safe sales rep. If you’re unsure who that is, use our online search tool.