DNU - NeutrasafeTube-style condensate neutralizers are affordable and efficient, but they aren’t ideal for every operation. If you own a commercial facility that houses one (or several) large, high-efficiency, gas-powered appliances, you might be better off with a high-capacity tray- or tank-style neutralizer.

At Neutra-Safe, we manufacture tray- and tank-style condensate neutralizers with operating capacity guidelines of 5 million and 6 million British thermal units per hour. These tools use the same, eco-friendly condensate media as our tube-style neutralizers. The only difference is that they’re specifically designed for gas-fired appliances that operate between 2 million and 6 million Btu/hr.

Tank-style condensate neutralizer

Our tank-style condensate neutralizers are molded from polyethylene. This high-quality and incredibly durable plastic helps prevent leaks, cracks and other damage. In addition, the tank model features a 5-inch diameter vented cap.

Tray-style condensate neutralizer

Our tray-style condensate neutralizers are made from polyethylene. Each tray model has a patent-pending serpentine design that allows for long-term exposure to acidic condensate. That allows our proprietary Neutra-pH media to function at the highest level. Each tray-style condensate neutralizer has a UV-protected lift-off cover and sack-filled media. That means you can monitor the level of media at any time without having to disconnect or remove the condensate neutralizer.

To gain further insights about our tank- and tray-style condensate neutralizers, watch our YouTube video. You can also visit our website to download the instruction, operation and maintenance manuals free of charge.

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