Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 2.17.00 PMSystem feeders aren’t very glamorous or high-tech, but they play an important role in many commercial facilities. At Neutra-Safe, our system feeders are designed to feed and maintain pressure in closed-loop hydronic and thermal solar systems. Specifically, closed-loop systems that require up to 50 pound-force per square inch.

What is a system feeder?

A system feeder, or glycol feeder, is a small mechanical device that contains a digital control and industrial duty pump. They’re designed in such a way that they eliminate the need for a pressure-reducing valve or back-flow preventer. Perhaps even more beneficial is the fact that there’s no need for a permanent connection to the potable water system, allowing for easy removal and installation.

What do system feeders do?

Neutra-Safe system feeders detect system leaks and limit the amount of fluid lost in the event of a major leak or pipe burst caused by freezing temperatures. If anything goes amiss while you’re away, the system feeder can alert you within seconds, saving you money and preventing significant damage.

How do system feeders work?

Each Neutra-Safe system feeder has the correct fluid level molded into the tank. Each component also has a digital control to display precise pressure settings of 0-50 pounds per square inch. In addition, each system feeder includes dry contacts that allow for remote notification of fluid loss.

To learn more about our system feeders, check out this Youtube video.

Unsure if a system feeder is right for your operation? Do you have questions that weren’t covered here? If so, get in touch. We’re happy to walk you through the set-up and installation process. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have.