you own a high-efficiency gas-powered appliance such as a furnace, boiler or water heater, it’s important to invest in a condensate neutralizer. This is because gas-powered appliances emit acidic condensate that can wreak havoc at your commercial facility or home.

Without a condensate neutralizer in place, acidic condensate can erode your pipes, kill all of the good bacteria in your septic tank or destroy plants growing near your wastewater outlet. If highly acidic wastewater enters the public system, you also run the risk of penalties or fines.

Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, take action now, and protect yourself with a condensate neutralizer. Though there are many brands available, we’re confident that Neutra-Safe products stand above the rest. Here’s why:

1.) Clear tube. Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizers feature a state-of-the-art clear tube design. This allows you to monitor the level of condensate media at any time. When you notice the media getting low, simply unscrew the end, remove the empty media sack and replace it with a full one. The process takes less than five minutes every time.

2.) Easy installation. Our neutralizers are easily installed by a plumbing and HVAC professional and should be inspected and recharged annually.

3.) Environmentally friendly. Our condensate neutralizers contain a proprietary media blend of calcite and magnesium oxide. Not only does this mixture prevent clogging and backed-up pipes, it’s eco-friendly and free of all toxins. That means your condensate can safely enter the local wastewater system without causing any harm.

4. Proven track record of success. Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizers are installed in facilities all over the United States. Over the years, we’ve established a stellar reputation and always make the extra effort to ensure each of our clients’ needs are met. If it’s time to purchase a new condensate neutralizer, we’re confident we can help.

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