Neutrasafe - DNUCongrats on your new high-efficiency gas-powered appliance! It’s improving operations at your facility and saving you money to boot. There’s something missing, though — a condensate neutralizer.

If you don’t install a condensate neutralizer along your appliance’s drain line, the highly acidic liquid can enter your wastewater, damaging your piping, landscaping and the local water system. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, take action. The sooner you purchase and implement a condensate neutralizer, the better.

Don’t just rush out to your nearest hardware store. Make sure you invest in a condensate neutralizer that has a proven track record of success. Here are three important questions to ask:

1.) How easy is it to observe the condensate media? The majority of condensate neutralizers aren’t easy to monitor from afar. Not ours, though. At Neutra-Safe, all of our condensate neutralizers come in a clear plastic tube. This allows you to constantly observe the level of media. Once our proprietary mixture runs out, simply screw off the top, empty it and replace the media with a recharge kit. It’s that easy!

2.) Is the condensate neutralizer environmentally friendly? Climate change is rapidly accelerating. The arctic ice is melting, and wildfires are ravaging the West Coast. Each of us plays an important role in leaving the Earth habitable for the next generation. When you purchase a Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizer, you’re helping to do your part. Each of our condensate neutralizers is refillable and contains a proprietary media mixture of calcite and magnesium oxide. This makes your facilities’ condensate safe to dispose of. It also means less waste.

3.) Can a service professional easily access it? It’s important you have your condensate neutralizers serviced at least once a year. Regular maintenance ensures the unit functions at full capacity and lasts for years to come. Our condensate neutralizers are easy to access and hassle-free. They also feature patent-pending unions making service a breeze.

If you’re ready to purchase a condensate neutralizer, you’ve come to the right place. To place an order, call (781) 616-3951 or visit our website today.