CN5TR-CN6T-nCondensate neutralizers are amazing tools that can protect your plumbing and drainage systems. But not every commercial operation or home requires one. How do you know if you need a condensate neutralizer, and where should you go to purchase one? In this blog, we’ll answer those questions.

Do I need a condensate neutralizer?

To determine if you need a condensate neutralizer, you must first figure out what kind of appliance your boiler, water heater or furnace is. When you look at the user manual, try to find information regarding operation. Any gas-fired condensing appliance requires a condensate neutralizer. This is because gas-powered appliances produce low-pH wastewater. If you allow this water to drain into your pipes or local wastewater system, you run the risk of serious damage to your equipment as well as wastewater violations.

I have a high-efficiency gas-powered appliance. Do I still need to worry?

High-efficiency gas-powered appliances feature a drain-line connection for a condensate neutralizer. For maximum performance, the neutralizer should be installed between the appliance and the drain, before the condensate pump. If your new appliance didn’t come with a condensate neutralizer, make sure to order and install one before firing it up. Moving too quickly may lead to significant damage or operating complications later on.

Where can I purchase a condensate neutralizer?

There are dozens of businesses that sell condensate neutralizers, but none compare to the quality, construction or affordability of Neutra-Safe products. Our line of condensate neutralizers are unique in that they feature patented integrated units, a clear tube that allows for visual inspection, 11 models in varying sizes and superior media. Our condensate media contain a proprietary blend of materials designed for peak performance.

If you have further questions about condensate neutralizers, reach out to us at any time. Visit our website and fill out an online contact form or call us at (781) 616-3951. We look forward to assisting you!