Introducing the new Neutrasafe Condensate Neutralizer Tray! This newest addition to our line of condensate neutralizers is replacing the CN4T tank model. For those currently using the CN4T tank model, we will continue to provide the 4TKRCK recharge kit indefinitely. Our new CN5TR tray model can handle commercial condensing appliances with a guideline capacity of up to 5,000,000 BTU/hr.

Our new CN5TR tray model features and benefits:

  • Up to 5,000,000 BTU/hr input
  • A low profile – 3.25” to center of inlet and outlet
  • The patent pending serpentine flow design allows for longer exposure of condensate to Neutra-pH for enhanced performance
  • Neutra-pH contained in easily replaceable fabric sacks
  • Clear cover for visual inspection
  • Heavy duty roto-molded tray for extreme durability