Happy New Year from all of us at Neutrasafe Corporation!

We have exciting news to share!

  • We’re ready to roll out a new “RECHARGE REMINDER” program through our website. Our Neutra-Safe Condensate Neutralizers will soon be labeled with a “Recharge Reminder” label encouraging you to register your neutralizer on our website. It’s simple and it’s free! Register your product and you’ll receive an email reminder annually notifying you it’s time to “Recharge” your neutralizer.
  • We’re adding two new sizes to our line of tube style Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizers. Check out these new sizes! Release date coming soon!
    • CN2-300C
      • A larger version of our popular CN2-220C model
      • Guideline capacity of 300,000 BTU’s input
      • Includes ½” male x ¾” socket fittings and snap in brackets
    • CN4-850
      • Guideline capacity of 850,000 BTU’s input
      • Includes ½” male x ¾” socket fittings
  • You asked for it! The Neutra-Safe pump is coming soon! A combination neutralizer tank and condensate pump. The Neutra-Safe pump is a tank style unit and includes a heavy duty 12V DC pump and a UL listed power supply. This unit will be rated at 6 million BTU’s. Currently in its final testing phase with plans for release in June 2018.